Two Words That Barely Appear in State ESSA Plans: 'Common Core'

Should California’s New Accountability Model Set the Bar for Other States?

The dashboard is still a work in progress. (Photo via Twenty20)

Beyond Proficiency: Toward a Better Measure for School Success


For the past dozen years—the No Child Left Behind era—the primary metric for measuring school performance in most states and in federal policy has been the proficiency rate. That is, the proportion of a school’s students scoring above a state-determined proficiency threshold in math and English language arts, and whether this proportion met state targets.

Was Race to the Top Too Much of a Race?


With the Obama administration drawing to a close and the Department of Education partially retreating from 15 years of highly active, interventionist education policy, it seems an appropriate time to analyze the effects of the signature Obama education policy, Race to the Top. 

ESSA: Ed. Dept. Releases English-Language-Learner Guidance

Testing Troubles


What does ESSA mean for ELLs?


Getting Smart About Measuring School Performance


Here at the C-SAIL blog, we’ve written previously about the role of power as a policy attribute of standards-based reform systems. Power is succinctly defined as “rewards and sanctions:”