Standards Implementation

Teacher Implementation of College and Career-Ready Standards: Challenges & Resources

Roughly seven years have passed since the majority of states adopted college- and career-readiness (CCR) standards. Some states adopted the Common Core State Standards while others adopted their own versions of CCR standards.

The Challenges District Administrators Face: A comparison of C-SAIL and Gallup Poll findings

A recent Gallup poll of superintendents provides insights about the challenges they face—namely improving the academic performance of underprepared students, the effects of poverty on student learning, and resource constraints. C-SAIL’s ongoing work in our partner states as part of our Implementation study takes a similar but focused look at the challenges district administrators face as they grapple with implementing college- and career-readiness standards.

Reviewing our progress and looking ahead: A message from C-SAIL’s director

Making progress | @stevetauntra via Twenty20

Interactive Maps, Explained: A Preview of the Broader Implications of our State CCR Policies Maps

A quick click through state education agency (SEA) websites reveals just how much state leaders do to design complex approaches to standards implementation. Our second interactive map series shows patterns in how states have conceptualized their processes for implementing college- and career-readiness (CCR) standards. These patterns allowed us to create profiles of states in their implementation approaches.